sexta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2017

Mind you, I was there first!

The problem of the world is that we have all became selfish and self-centred.
So, I was sitting at a bench in the Park. I was having my lunch. This girl approaches the bench, and asks if she can sit. I obviously say: fine.
Her friend approaches the bench, and seats in the space available at the middle. No problem there, she is invading my personal space.
I continue eating my food. At some point the “friend” lights up a cigarette and starts smoking and throwing the smoke towards me. Mind you, I was eating my lunch!
I was there at first, minding my own business. I did not disturb anyone and I was hoping not to be disturbed. It would have been considerate if she could ask if the smoke bothered me before lighting up the cigarette. Mind you, I was there first!
So I got up and looked for another bench. The first girl looked at me with apologetic eyes and the smoker paid no attention to what happened. She was totally unaware.
It might seem like a small thing but it isn’t. This is what we have became: inconsiderate selfish bastards with no awareness of others.
This is why, there is a lack of love and respect in the world. People are totally unaware of their actions and how these actions affect other people.

And all I have to say is… Mind you, I was there first!

Adelaide Miranda, 29 September 2017

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