segunda-feira, 10 de outubro de 2016



I was broken...

Damaged and broken.

Twisted perhaps, but also broken.

I had been looking 

For my lost pieces. 

I found them in you.

You glued them together

With a labelled “due by” glue.

I keep falling apart,

I keep having to return to you

So I can be whole again.

You keep missing pieces…

Making sure I have to return to you.

You are my salvation and my penitence…

I cannot be whole unless I am with you.

You gave me wings so I can fly

Only by your side. They don’t work otherwise.

I am broken…

Glued back in pieces

To be handled only by you.

You are my freedom and my prison.

My world begins and ends in you.


Adelaide Miranda, 10/10/2016


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