segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2016

Histórias Levadas da Breca - Baby on a Plane

How funny things are!
It’s so funny! How funny things are!
Here I am sitting in the airplane and this baby is crying out loud. He is basically screaming and I… 
I just can’t take it anymore. I wish he could just shut up!
I keep thinking to myself, can’t his parents do something about it and make him stop?!
I laugh!
Hypocrite! I too am a mother! I too went through this embarrassing agony and not so long ago. And 
so, so many times. I shushed him… I soothed him… I sang to him… I rocked him… and yet my 
baby wouldn’t stop crying. And I… I felt the pain. I felt the agony. I felt so bad for everyone else, 
as I was aware of how annoying someone’s child cry can be. And now… here I am judging it 
Poor woman! Just let her be. I am sure no one is feeling more uncomfortable than she is right now. 
And the baby… the baby is probably just scared, and uncomfortable. His ears are probably hurting 
and he cannot express himself by any other way than crying. He sure wishes his mum could 
understand him and stop all this shushing, soothing, singing, and rocking… If she could just help 
him with whatever affliction he has!
It is annoying… I know! But sometimes things are just the way they are.
It’s so funny! How funny things are. 

Adelaide Miranda

Illustration by Marissa Peguinho

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